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2017 PRCA Conference

Highlights from Peter Prodromou’s address to the 2017 PRCA Conference

There is a radical change underway in our industry. We are witnessing the rise of media content-laden firms and the demise of traditional intermediates. Bricks and mortar retail are finding themselves noncompetitive. There is an increasing lack of trust in traditional touchstones of media, government, industry and academia. Companies are being increasingly scrutinized. There is increased pressure to demonstrate not just corporate responsibility but true self-governance. Peter Prodromou outline’s these issues and provides a call to action for our industry addressing such questions as how we can work with our clients to engage in such areas as job discovery, innovation and opportunity, and security; and, in essence, how we can work collectively to make a difference.

The Responsibility of Technology and Social Media Firms

Peter Prodromou, CEO of Racepoint Global, discusses what role technology companies should play in an era of fake news.

Business and Communications Strategy

Peter Prodromou, CEO of Racepoint Global, discusses why integrated agencies must redefine strategy to succeed in today’s global markets.