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Tech PR Agencies Disrupt Traditional Growth Model

This article was featured in O’Dwyer’s May ’16 PR Firm Rankings Magazine



Racepoint Global took a big lead in O’Dwyer’s technology PR rankings this year. The agency ranked number-three, accounting for nearly $24 million in tech-related net fees in 2015, a big leap from 2014’s $20.3 million.

According to Racepoint Global President Peter Prodromou, that agency’s growth is attributable “to our successful integration of technology to understand buyer profiles and our ability to use that information to create campaign content that reflects those preferences.”

Prodromou said Racepoint Global integrates technology into its campaigns that helps the agency better understand buyer profiles. Creating this campaign content, Prodromou said, has allowed the company to grow its core client base and win over mega brands like Huawei.

“We are seen as more nimble and tied in, by intelligence, to the customers of our customers,” said Prodromou. “We are seen as able to credibly drive their growth goals which, in turn, drives our growth goals.”

Integration is the order of the day for the Boston-based agency. Prodromou said Racepoint Global views the tech PR industry’s ability to evolve by continuing to align integration into the fabric of every kind of product and service imaginable.

Prodromou presents this example: “Technology will be the essence of cars, but we won’t think of it as technology, but as a car. But because it is tech-centered, those of us who understand and can effectively execute tech PR campaigns will be able to win as well as oversee work with auto companies. Same thing applies to any product line, from energy to food, technology will be the driving element.”